January 16th, 2007


(no subject)

Man, I'm tired and I tried to go to sleep, but instead ended up "napping". At 11:00 at night. STUPID. Now I'm awake, and my boobs are sore, and I bit my thumbnail down to a painful level, and my sleepiness but not sleeping problem is causing my eyes to water,  and I smoked too many cigarettes, and I'm all out of Diet Pepsi , and my cuddle buddy Darth Vader won't stop doing that mask-breathing thing, and there's nothing on TV besides Unwrapped and I don't need to know that much about ice cream. All of this makes me want to break stuff. Stuff that's easy to break, because otherwise it'd further piss me off. 

Now that I got all that hefty complaining out of my system,  I'm going to go listen to Mark Summers talk about the birthplace of the hot dog or something until I fall asleep, again.