Desi (dxgrrrl) wrote,

Fuck this onslaught of shit weather. I could hardly even smoke in my car, and that's a tragedy. Between getting assaulted by shards of ice, trying to smoke, crossing over the treacherous Route 130 where, for some crazy reason, they allow left-hand turns, and busting a move to Young MC on Big 80's, it's a wonder I made it home in one piece. 

Fortunately, I'm still alive. Now I'm going to drink until I nap, then I'm going to wake up and drink some more. And maybe cry a little. And cut myself.

OK, alright,  I'm lying. I'm going to eat frozen pizza and watch zombie movies in my pajamas. I'll make a fort on my couch, snuggle up with Lord Vader, and giggle over the awesomeness of special effects circa 1985.

Fridays are the best.


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