Desi (dxgrrrl) wrote,

I'm not one for nature and such, but if you happen to be reading this right now- right now being the second I post it- check the sky out. It's really pretty. The sun is covered by a huge blanket of puffy white clouds, and the light coming in behind is making them look all rippley. I did happen to notice this as sat in my car and drank coffee, wearing sunglasses, looking out of my sunroof. So, my perception may be a little tinted. If it doesn't look like a magical land of dancing leprechauns, you have my apologies. I woke up chipper. 

That is... until I opened up a bottle of Dasani water and drank half of it. It tastes like stale cigarette ash. The bottle says it's bottled in Bellafonte, PA. I have no idea where that is in PA, but I'm sure it's close enough to NJ that all of the pollution from our beautiful oil refineries has trickled into their water supply. I might as well just drink Milltown tap, and that tastes like fish corpse rubbed with rotten garlic. 

Anyway, last night was a terrific night for documentary television. I'm going to listen to Confessions of a Serial Killer and fall back asleep. No matter how much my life changes, the important stuff- like my choice in fine programming, always stays the same.
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Bellefonte, PA is about 20 minutes away from Philipsburg, where your darling nephew now resides. Lots of coal trains running through there, I've been there plenty of times.

PS - It's pronounced Bell font, not bellefonte as in Harry. Also, when I typed coal train, I pronounced it COOAAALLLLLLLLLLLL TRAIIINNNNNNN!
That's the only way to pronounce coal train. Duh.

People in PA are so crazy. It should be pronounced Bellefonte as in Harry. They just don't know anything.

Day-o. Pronounced Day-o.

Pronounce, pronounced, pronunciation. I just wanted to say that a few more times.